We Provide The Best Quality Seeds

We are one of the best Agriculture Seeds Producer Company with our own Grading & Sorting Plant. We Provide the Best Quality Seeds to farmers. Our scientists accelerate innovation to bring farmers safe and sustainable new products, helping them mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Why choose us?

AgriBee Seeds Pvt Ltd is involved in the breeding, production, and marketing of hybrid seeds of Hy Sunflower Seeds, Hy Castor Seeds, Pulses & Spices Seeds. The company’s research programs are based in Gujarat with trial locations situated in the key agro-climatic zones of India.

The company’s research and product development efforts are focused on developing and identifying high-yielding hybrids that are well adapted to the harsh growing conditions of India with the disease tolerances required to help the customer realize the full potential of the seed. High-quality hybrid seed is produced under the close supervision of experienced production technologists.

Processing & Distribution

The seed is conditioned at the company’s seed processing plant in Rajkot (Gujarat) and then distributed through an extensive marketing network that covers the major growing areas in the country.

We are since 1994!

Our Family Background belongs to the farming community. we are active in this agriculture field since 1994..!

We have high-end sortex cleaning & Grading Facility available at our processing plant.

Our Motto

"#देश की #प्रगति है तब तक

अधूरी, #किसान के #विकास के बिना न होगी पूरी"

– Team AgriBee

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Farming Guidance

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