Agribee Seeds Pvt Ltd is a growing brand started in Dec 2020 in Rajkot Gujarat. a company that owns a high-quality sortex plant in the Rajkot district. we started our company with the motto of "Quality First". We provide all the agriculture products cleaned with the latest technology. The company has 50+ active Seeds products as of now. and counting. AgriBee Strongly believes in through commitment research and quality with modern technology, we assure that whatever product we produce and supply. There will be no compromise on quality and purity one of our goals is to breed various verities that can be grown in different climates and areas that can be resistant or tolerant to heat cold bolting, humidity, environment, and diseases, etc., thus eventually benefiting farmers and serve people better. Agribee has an opportunity to hold a leading position in acquiring the authorization of ISO 9001-2015 certificate of the agriculture seed industry. and company having its own Sortex Cleaning plant at Rajkot. The company believes in pure quality seeds, so we do proper grading and sorting of all crops. with attractive and clean packing.

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Why choose us?

AgriBee Seeds Pvt Ltd is involved in the breeding, production, and marketing of hybrid seeds of Hy Sunflower Seeds, Hy Castor Seeds, Pulses & Spices Seeds. The company’s research programs are based in Gujarat with trial locations situated in the key agro-climatic zones of India.

The company’s research and product development efforts are focused on developing and identifying high-yielding hybrids that are well adapted to the harsh growing conditions of India with the disease tolerances required to help the customer realize the full potential of the seed. High-quality hybrid seed is produced under the close supervision of experienced production technologists.

Our mission.

AgriBee Seeds Pvt Ltd. has committed to making available premium quality seeds at right time at an affordable price.

• We enhance the breeding and production of elite hybrid seeds to meet the world’s increasing food and fiber demand.

• We are targeting to harness maximum advantages of the latest technologies in crop improvement.

• We are also committed to educating the local farmers by training and field demonstration of various cultivated research crops and giving the advantage to cultivate the crop which has a better yield.

• We are committed to providing world-class customer services with various technologies for Indian farmers.

• Our company believes in total quality and continuously improves all its processes and products to ensure customer satisfaction.

• Our company is in the process of developing a massive and systematic national trial network in different agro-climatic Zones of India to test the adaptability and suitability of newly developed products.

Our Objective

Evolution of breeding material for further use in the development​vof superior hybrid and varieties resistant to varying environments which gives higher yields with low inputs.​

The company is engaged to educate the local farmers by demonstrating various cultivated and
esearch varieties which resulting into better yield with good export quality. As a result they get higher yields with good quality which leads to enriching their lives.

Company dedicates to

AgriBee Seeds Pvt Ltd specializes in the research and development, production, marketing and sales of all types of agriculture seeds.​